An Interdisciplinary Team

We bring people from all backgrounds to advance innovation in mental health.

One goal: increase access to care

With growing awareness of mental health and innovation, the model for care is evolving. It is our duty to provide culturally adaptive support with responsibility, integrity and dignity for all.

We need to act now to address the need for mental healthcare and expand our vision of how diagnostics and treatment is provided to meet the reality of therapists and their patients. Mental health is a complex and personal experience that cannot be generalized. In addressing the needs of all, we must find ways to adapt to the complexity and intersections of mental health conditions to help people find comfort in their lives and achieve a sense of wellbeing across all cultures. Everyone experiences hardship but in coping with symptoms, we want to make sure clinicians and patients have all the necessary tools in their arsenal to make the process easier.

VR alters our perception of reality. We’ve found that it can manage pain, lower blood pressure, treat eating disorders, and combat anxiety.
Alexandra Therond, CEO of Augmend Health

Asynchronous model for mental health care.

We need new ways to provide safe and effective care to match needs of a growing demand.

Immersive virtual reality therapy can complement therapy in clinic and at home to expand the toolkits of mental health professionals in order for them to regain ownership of their time and wellbeing, knowing that their patients are getting better, faster. By combining a diverse set of tools and leveraging technological advances we aim to make the lives of clinicians easier. Clinicians will be able to follow clear outcomes, gain insights into the mental health of their patients outside of the office setting and tailor their care. We want to build trust with mental health professionals to provide them with a service they can trust that protects them and their patients data, while alleviating their workload.

We are in an age where technology is ever present in our lives. Remote therapy is becoming the norm however, we cannot replace human connection. Therefore it is important to find the right balance between in person therapy and technology in a way that matches the needs of patients and their therapist. We are committed to providing trustworthy tools that can be used in clinic for safety and added supervision along with tools at home that will expand ecological visibility of patients. We believe that technology in mental health belongs in the hands of clinicians and their patients so both can feel comfortable with how it is prescribed and how it is leveraged. We are simply here to provide support and high quality tools that fit seamlessly into the lives of mental health professionals.

"The career and destiny of a living being are bound up with its interchanges with its environment, not externally but in the most intimate way."
John Dewey

An Interdisciplinary Team.

We bring people from all backgrounds to advance innovation in mental health care driven by their personal passion to help others.
Alexandra Therond
Chief Executive

Psychology & Management

Sacha Moreau
Chief of Operations

Design & Management

Alek Dojnow
Chief of Product

VR & Design

Artemiy Shlyaptsev
Chief of Finance

Business & Finance

Emilia Mazzolenis
Lead Data Analyst

Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Dallas Dominique
Lead Brand Designer

Wellbeing Techniques and Creative Development

Dr Joanna Prout
Lead Psychologist

Mixed-methods Research and Implementation

Gabrielle Mourra
Lead Product & Marketing

User Experience and Marketing

with specialist support.

We are so lucky to have a visionary and passionate group of advisors who hold our mission at heart to guide us in our growth.
Rohit Bhadange
Startup Development

Pareto Holdings

Dr. Mahnaz Maddah
ML & Healthcare

Broad Institute Director of ML4H

Thomas Schneider
Insurance & Healthcare

CEO Restructuring Inc.

Dr. Carrie Singer
Psychology & Product

Executive Director QOP

Jorge Cortell
Vision & Healthcare

Ashwin Moranganti
Vision & Product Development

Microsoft General Manager

Shahid Azim
Digital Therapeutics

Entrepreneur & Lecturer at MIT

Troy Norris
FDA and Pharmaceuticals

Managing Director Locust Walk